Release History
------------------------------------ 19-Sep-2008
* Options are now in their own separate window.
Simply click the "Show Options" to access them.
* Songs from the created playlist must now be right-click-dragged out of
the playlist area. This fixes a potentially disastrous situation where
songs dragged to another location would be moved instead of copied.
This also now fixes the locking up issue with Nero Burning Rom.
* Fixed Excluded keyword logic
* Removed the Randomize Playlist only option. 29-Jan-2008
+ Added a redundancy option to have it affect the Must Have List 28-Jan-2008
+ Added the ability to drag and drop .m3u files onto both BlackList or
Must-Have List
* Adjusted the way Random MixTape Maker reads ID3 info. (It now reads
from ID3v2->ID3v1. It used to read from ID3v1->ID3v2) This will ensure
more complete info displayed and referenced from properly tagged files
* Fixed a startup issue when starting maximized did not fill the screen
* Adjusted the behavior of keyword checked options.
Only by checking 'Use Keywords' can the 'Keyword Priority' option be used.
Only by checking 'Use Keywords Exclusively' can the 'Keyword Options' be
used. Keyword entry fields are only active if one of the above keyword options
is selected. BETA 21-Jan-2008
* fixed broken "keyword priority" functionality and keyword usage in general
* fixed an issue when using linked songs would cause an error BETA 21-Jan-2008
* fixed broken keyword searches and other problems (or not) BETA 19-Jan-2008
+ Added a Tempo (BPM) filter option
+ Expanded the keyword searching option. It is now possible to search in
all text tags, lyrics, artists, song titles and/or albums
* Lots of internal changes including complete re-writes of code.
This release is therefore labeled as 'beta' until any/all broken bits
are found and fixed 19-Jan-2008
+ Added support for all you IPOD folks out there! (MPEG4 files) 23-Dec-2007
* Fixed an issue when using Linked Files would cause a minor crash 16-Dec-2007
+ Added a keyword priority search as an additional option in the keyword
section. If used, your playlist will fill up like this:
1) songs in your must have list will be added
2) songs that ONLY match your keyword properties will be added
3) remaining time will be filled by normal random, user-defined methods

Keep in mind that this could drastically slow the overall process since
it will go through each and every song thru your list (unless your list
gets filled to your user-defined time/size limits) to try and find all
matches for your keywords.

* Rewrote tons of internal code to make this as streamlined as possible.
Because of this, be wary of potential bugs that may arise. I need feedback
if any bugs are found. 10-Dec-2007
+ Added Auto Save-Prompt on Exit option to remind you to save your playlist
if you hastily close the application.

* All supported filetypes are now subject to basic keywording rules.

* Basic keyword option is now only paired with "ignore ID limits"

* Other minor fixes 08-Dec-2007
* Fixed a problem reading WV (WavPack) file tags.

* Fixed a problem where WAV files were included into a list regardless
if they meet keyword criteria. 06-Dec-2007
+ Added a Shuffle Playlist button that will re-sort a created playlist
with the same songs that are already in that playlist. 05-Dec-2007
* Fixed a problem reading WMA file tags (introduced in last build) 04-Dec-2007
+ Added preliminary support for WavPack (.wv) files. 03-Dec-2007
+ Added the ability to use keywords filter out songs with specific lyrical
content. (this only works properly if files are tagged!).

* Rearranged the interface by putting all options on their own multi-tabbed

* fixed keywording to properly support all supported filetype tags. 02-Dec-2007
+ Added a redundancy option that limits the number of times any particular
artist can be added to the playlist. (this only works properly if files
are tagged!). Read above for more info.

* Fixed the showing of ID song titles in the finished playlist view for
filetypes other than mp3.

* Minor code tweaks and versioning to reflect true release number (25). 06-Nov-2007
* Fixed an issue where root paths were not accepted as valid search paths. 04-Sep-2007
+ Double-clicking an item in the 'Additional Directories' list will
set the main search directory field to that particular directory. 04-Sep-2007
* You can now drag & drop directories onto the Must Have list
(this will fill the list with valid media files from that directory)

* Fixed an overlooked problem that may have occured which would only
add mp3 files to certain lists 30-Oct-2006
* Playlist time now displays correctly for all types of media files in list

* other minor internal fixes 14-Oct-2006
* Fixed a programming error that wouldn't allow wave files to be added

* Fixed an issue where linked files were mistakenly flagged as allowed
when they were specifically not allowed by user criteria. This resulted
in error when occured.

* Stopped auto functions from running if the stop button is pressed during
the playlist generation 26-Sep-2006
* Fixed a crash that was caused when using the Must-Have list and linked
songs 26-Sep-2006
* Fixed profile loading from overlapping existing user-created lists 19-Sep-2006
+ Added manual profile (settings) loading and saving. These features
are available by right-clicking the main playlist.

NOTE: settings are still auto-saved and loaded on close and startup
in the default file "settings.ini". 14-Sep-2006
* Fixed some internal issues with the linked songs option

* Fixed an issue that failed to save the linked songs tab height 13-Sep-2006
+ Added a linked songs option (see above for description) 13-Sep-2006
+ App now saves the panel sizes of different tabs 09-Sep-2006
+ Added an AutoPlay option that will play your created playlist when
finished 21-July-2006
+ improved the keyword search function to allow excluded terms. an excluded
term must be preceded by a "-".
an example keyword search using both inclusive and exclusionary terms:

* improved the stop button from needing to re-search your chosen directories
once it's already searched through them. rmtm will now only perform another
search if the initial search was stopped or if you choose another base
directory. this will improve playlist building time if you click 'stop'
while the playlist is being populated.

* the keyword options (except for exact search) are now greyed during a
search/create session to avoid making changes in the middle of a playlist

* other minor fixes 20-July-2006
+ added much more flexibility to the keyword search function
you can now not only incorporate or use exclusively user-defined keywords,
but you can define either to abide by or ignore the global ID limit rules.

also added an exact match to avoid false positives
(i.e. when using keyword 'love' you could get a hit from the word
'lovely' etc)
you may not want the exact match feature, in which case you can just
leave it unchecked. 19-July-2006
+ added a multiple keyword search (comma delimited) function
which allows you to either:

a) allow songs or filenames that would otherwise be overlooked due to
other ID limitations such as genre or year.

b) exclusively include only songs or filenames that match your keywords

NOTE: if you enable the Must Have List and Exclusive Keyword criteria,
your list will be filled in with the Must Have files THEN filled
by your keyword matching songs. if you do not want the Must Have
entries in your list, then simply disable the Must Have List. 03-May-2006
* improved list building performance when scanning MP3 files 02-May-2006
+ added preliminary support for alternative type (non MP3) files
tag reading. (once again, I don't have a lot of these files to
test with. so feedback would be nice)

+ added checkbox option to allow non-tagged files to be included
in searches where an ID limit has been used (i.e. Year or Genre)
This really should only be used if you're searching a directory
where you know you want to include some non-tagged files.
Otherwise you may just end up with a bunch of files that completely
throw off your Year and Genre parameters.

* fixed a performance issue when building a list with time and song
length parameters checked.

* other minor tweaks and adjustments 01-May-2006
+ added support to add other file formats to your playlist.
currently, allowed formats are:


In this build, it is only possible to use tag limitations
such as Genre and Year with MP3 files. I plan on making it
possible to use tag limitations for use with other formats
that support tags if it is possible to do so. 30-Apr-2006
* fixed a bug introduced in v1.0.3.30, where stopping the search
process while building your list with the Must Have list enabled
would clear the list when it should have left you with at least
a partial list. 27-Apr-2006
* fixed a bug introduced in v1.0.3.30, where stopping the search
process while building your list would cause an exception. 27-Apr-2006
+ added ability to specify up to five genres to include in your list.

* reworked the design to accommodate this new change

* other minor internal code fixes 24-Apr-2006
+ added a 'MUST HAVE' list. all entries in this list will be included
in your playlist. any remaining space as defined by user limits will
be filled up randomly from your directory/file sources as usual. 24-Apr-2006
+ added ability to further limit song entries by year and genre as
specified in an ID3 tag [see limitations] 21-Apr-2006
* Initial public release