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WTF!? Music Info


WTF!? Music Info will scan your music directories and give you a nice, graphical view of your music library.

Detailed Info:

well... the name says it all "WTF!? "

Who are you, really? Does your music define you as a person? Perhaps! But there's no way to know for sure until you let WTF!? Music Tool determine it for you.

Tired of hearing people tell you "PLAY SOMETHING ELSE!!!!"? Use WTF!? Music Tool to see if they're exaggerating. Even if they're right, you can say with pride "This is who I am! Love it or leave it! "

Quite simply, WTF!? Music Info is a little tool that will scan your music library and let you know:

It's not right or wrong... it's ALL good!

WTF!? Music Info supports the following filetypes:

screenshot (click to enlarge):

Fun For All:

Copy or Print chart results and share them with the world!

WTF!? Music Info is free to use, so give it a try!

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